Take Action Tuesday - August 1, 2017

Take Action Tuesday - August 1, 2017


It’s Take Action Tuesday and time for CARE to dominate the conversation. Over the past few weeks, we’ve had discussions about oh-so-many important humanitarian issues including learning tours, family planning, nutrition, food security and conditions in Yemen, Syria and other humanitarian hotspots. No matter what global crisis or humanitarian intervention we talk about though, every conversation eventually circles back to our two most fundamental and indispensable resources:

  • The Budget
  • You – and other CARE advocates

Like many of you, we’ve been closely watching Capitol Hill, but the hard truth is that the foreign assistance budget is still up in the air and completely in danger.  The President still wants to slash it by 37 percent. Even though a healthy foreign assistance budget enjoys bi-partisan support from members of Congress, we are far from out-of-the-woods. While some programs funded (at least in part) by USAID appear to be safe-ish (at least for the moment), many others (especially those for women, maternal health and extreme poverty intervention) are camped out on the chopping block where they can see the knife swinging in their direction. 

That’s where you come in.  Because of your work, CARE is able to educate American citizens and members of Congress about what humanitarian assistance really means, how much we gain from small financial investments and the dangerous, drastic realities the world will face if that assistance is eliminated. 

You – as a CARE advocate -  influence global politics by helping sway public opinion and changing the minds of those on Capitol Hill who hold authority and power over how money is allocated for foreign assistance.  Because you’re so good at it, you and other advocates, helped keep a very precarious foreign assistance budget intact for 2017 and helped garner an additional billion for immediate famine relief. Yeah…you did that …CARE advocates did that.  You’re warriors!

That’s why, for this Take Action Tuesday, we want you to get to know your fellow CARE advocates.  We’ve just launched a new blog series, My One Cent, which profiles some of the advocates, public and private sector partners and CARE staff members from around the world.  In their own words, our advocates share their stories about why they CARE about foreign assistance.  Our first post went live last week with Anissa Rashetta’s story.

But let’s not forget about The Budget.  The month of August is going to be critical for keeping foreign assistance funding in the public eye.  That’s because we start a new fiscal year on October 1st and once again…it’s all up in the air.  No worries though if The Budget has fallen off your radar recently. We’ve put together an upcoming podcast that brings you up to speed on what’s coming up for fiscal year 2018.

Here’s what you can do if you have:

  • 1 minute today and 40 minutes later: Subscribe to The CARE Action! Podcast to automatically download episodes as soon as they go live.  Then, reserve some time on Thursday, August 3rd (or anytime after that) when we launch episode 16: “Where We Are With The Budget.” Larry Nowels is bringing more than four decades of deep DC expertise on foreign aid and federal budget issues to the conversation.
  • 10 minutes: Then, read our first post by Anissa Rasheta, a CARE advocate from Arizona, a student, mother and one of CARE Action’s 2016 fellows who participated in an intensive year-long training and advocacy program that included a learning tour to Benin.

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