Take Action Tuesday 10/17/17

Take Action Tuesday 10/17/17


More Big Votes Coming Our Way This Week

It’s #TakeActionTuesday and we've got another big week in Congress for the federal budget. The Senate is voting on its FY18 budget blueprint, and we could be facing another proposal from Sen. Rand Paul to slash foreign assistance. The good news is that time and again over the last few months, we've proven that concerted action from CARE advocates has the power to influence our elected officials. Whether supporting positive amendments or opposing harmful ones, your calls and emails are making a difference. That's why we need you to be ready to spring to action again this week.

The Senate's action this week will send a powerful signal one way or the other. The big question is - are our leaders going to stand up for lifesaving assistance that shows the best face of America? You can help determine the answer to that question. Here's how:

5 minutes: Call your Senator and say: “Foreign assistance funding is critical for saving lives overseas. It also helps to bring about global security, supports economic opportunity for all of us, and helps makes the world a better place. Don’t Cut Foreign Assistance Funding and Don’t Cut Lives.” Don't forget to tell them what town you're from so they know you're a constituent.

If you get a recording – leave a message! Every call matters!

30 minutes: Send a Letter to the Editor. Here's a tool kit to show you how. You can also email us at can@care.org and we’ll help you through the process. LTEs are invaluable, as they enable you to publicly make your case to your community and your elected officials at the same time.

Be on call throughout the week: The Senate is unpredictable and we don't know exactly when votes will take place or what amendments will be offered. The best way you can advocate this week is to make your call early and then follow us on Facebook and Twitter where we'll be providing updates if and when any damaging amendments come up. Sometimes we'll only have a few minutes' warning – so keep your eye on our posts and be ready to hop back on the phone when we sound the alarm! Just a few calls from a small but committed group of advocates at the right moment can sway the vote.


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