Take Action Tuesday – May 30, 2017

Take Action Tuesday – May 30, 2017


Bringing the conference back home

For those who attended last week’s Care National Conference in Washington DC, one point was continually hammered home: STAY PERSISTENT. Today’s Take Action Tuesday is simply a matter of bringing what was learned back home and spreading the word that we will persist in making sure the foreign assistance budget is fully funded. 

The three-day conference was beyond inspiring as it brought together nearly five hundred advocates from  a multitude of states, age groups, experience levels and walks of life.  We listened to each other and to experts as we talked about our mutual efforts to advance women’s rights, reduce global poverty, increase global security and make life easier for millions of families in developing countries.  We heard from well known leaders like Chelsea Clinton, Barbara Pierce Bush, Secretary Elaine Chao and CARE Chef Advocate Victor Albisu and from powerhouse humanitarians like Salimata Dagnoko and Priyanka Harijan, whose names may be less familiar but whose contributions towards gender empowerment are no less significant.

Every panelist and expert spoke eloquently, passionately (and even humorously - thanks, Victor!) about the state of the world we live in, the challenges we’re all working to address and the hope we share that America will remain the world’s leader in providing foreign assistance.  Admiral Mike Mullen reiterated General Mattis’ quote, “If you don't fund the State Department fully, then I need to buy more ammunition,” and then, took it further.  Mullen said, “I can’t buy enough bullets.  There aren’t enough bullets in the world to solve this.  We’re never going to be able to fight this…ever.” 

We couldn’t agree more.  The answer to the world’s greatest questions and most daunting challenges will never be “more bullets.”  Instead, it will be more engagement, more advocacy, more respect for the people we share this planet with and more compassion for those who need help. 

This week, for Take Action Tuesday, we’re answering that question with a few simple asks.  Here’s what you can do today if you have:

5 minutes:  Share our Facebook post (and use the hashtag #DontCutLives) about our keynote plenary discussion with Chelsea Clinton and Barbara Bush, which appeared on CSPAN.  This panel set the tone for why foreign assistance is critical not just for people living in developing countries but for Americans too.

10 minutes:  Watch and share this video from the One campaign where a teacher in Kentucky urges his Senator and Congressperson to fight for foreign assistance.

15 minutes: Call your Member of Congress or send an email and tell her/him  #DontCut Lives.  Tell him/her that international humanitarian assistance is important to you as a constituent and CARE supporter and ask him/her to support full funding for FY18 in the foreign assistance budget. Here’s some step-by-step information to make your call or email easy. 

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