Take Action Tuesday – May 23, 2017

Take Action Tuesday – May 23, 2017


We only need one thing!

It’s Take Action Tuesday and hundreds of CARE Action! advocates are gathered in Washington, DC for the CARE National Conference.  It’s also the day the Trump Administration released full details for the next fiscal year budget and their plans for foreign assistance are even worse than what they’d proposed for 2017. That’s why, when we storm Capitol Hill tomorrow for CARE’s annual day of lobbying, our main topic of conversation will be the foreign assistance budget. It all comes down to this: If  cuts are made to foreign assistance, lives will be in jeopardy. If you’re not in DC with us, we need you to lobby from home and help dial up the volume on this critical advocacy issue.

Right now, more than 20 million people are at immediate risk for starvation. Millions of girls and women are at risk for rape, domestic violence and trafficking, and millions children are dying from diseases we’ve known how to prevent and treat for decades. The foreign assistance budget can either prevent these disasters from spreading or make matters a whole lot worse. It all depends on where we, as Americans, place our financial priorities.  

By funding the foreign assistance budget, we’re providing lifesaving food for malnourished children in South Sudan; emergency supplies and shelter for those fleeing war-torn Syria; programs proven to reduce gender-based violence around the world and maternal health care for women in emergency settings.  All that plus a whole lot more will be on the chopping block if these cuts are accepted.

But Congress has the final say on the budget and they’re overwhelmingly in favor of foreign assistance and emergency humanitarian aid. However, with so much going on right now,, they need to hear from you; that their constituents deeply care about these issues. That’s why we’re mobilizing fast and ramping up pressure on policymakers to continue the proud, bipartisan and noble tradition of American goodwill and global leadership that we’ve always exemplified.

We need you to lobby with us on Wednesday and throughout the week to amplify that message, strengthen our impact and protect CARE’s ability to eradicate poverty around the world.  We’re making this week’s action super simple and we’re only asking you to do one thing:

  • Make a phone call on Wednesday or any day this week.

Your call is the one of single most effective things you can do to pressure Congress to stand strong on foreign assistance.You can find your member of Congress’s phone number here. But we can make things even easier. Click here and give us your email and phone number. We’ll make the call for you and automatically connect you to the right person. Then, once you’re connected, all you have to do is give your name and the city you live in (so they know you’re a constituent) and say:  

I’m calling as a CARE Action! advocate and I stand against the president’s proposed cuts to the foreign assistance budget. Don’t cut lives.

They’ll add you to the growing list of other advocates who support a healthy, strategic and effective foreign assistance budget and share that information with your policymaker. Boom!  Done in less than three minutes. That’s how CARE advocates, all over the country, make change happen. 


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