Take Action Tuesday – July 25, 2017

Take Action Tuesday – July 25, 2017


We’re hitting the road again! 

It’s Take Action Tuesday and just like millions of other American travelers, CARE Action is heading out of town.  We’re hitting the road with a small delegation of CARE advocates for a Learning Tour to Guatemala.  We’re traveling with these advocates for a specific purpose, not just because they make super fun travel buddies, but also because they live in districts whose Members of Congress have a high level of influence on CARE’s ability to do its work.  Our goal is for these advocates to educate their MOCs about foreign assistance and influence them right back.  

This trip to Guatemala will focus on maternal health and the role family planning plays in economic development.  It’s just one part of a yearlong fellowship these advocates have agreed to take part in, where they’ll learn advanced lobbying skills, build strong bonds with their MOCs and take their message to the masses of other constituents in their districts who support CARE’s mission.    

Citizen advocacy is among CARE’s most powerful tools for making change happen in powerful, strategic and sustainable ways. When Congress hears directly from constituents that foreign assistance and women’s health programs are important to them, it makes a huge difference. That’s why we spend so much time training, nurturing and nudging our advocates and yes…you guessed it…we’re going to nudge right now.   

For some of our CARE Action Fellows, this trip will be the farthest they’ve ever been from home. Let's lend them some support as they venture off to Guatemala and start their year of intensive advocacy for CARE. 

Here’s what you can do today if you have: 

  • 5 minutes:  Visit our Facebook page and post an answer to this question:  How far would you travel for CARE? 
  • 10 minutes:  Read this post on Medium by Melinda Gates about the impact family planning will make for 120 million adolescent girls.  
  • 15 minutes: Sign our petition to Congress to support women’s health and empowerment and continue funding for UNFPA, the UN Foundation for Women and other critical organizations and programs that address basic healthcare access and help lift women out of poverty. Then, post it on social media and tag five friends, asking them to get engaged too.  Finally, tag your Representative and Senators so they can see how much their constituents care about these issues.  If you haven't already, make sure to get your constituent badge on Facebook so they know you live in their district.  Not sure how to do that?  We've got a tool kit right here, including video instructions on how to set up the badge and lots more tips on using social media to advocate with your Members of Congress. 

It’s a big world out there and we’re all in it together. Join us as we wish our advocates bon voyage and safe travels!

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