Take Action Tuesday – July 18, 2017

Take Action Tuesday – July 18, 2017


Spend a little of your summer on CARE! 

Last month, advocates like you started “summer school” with CARE Action by taking part in phase one of our Amplify Your Voice training program.  Last week, you helped us shine a light on the role family planning plays in women’s empowerment and poverty eradication. This week, on the other hand, feels entirely different, like everyone besides us, is on summer vacation.  We get it! It’s been a challenging six months. We’ve all been working hard and everyone of you deserves some well-earned R & R.  

The problem is though, the need for humanitarian assistance is more desperate than ever and there’s a ton of work still to be done to make sure foreign assistance remains a top priority issue. And, with so many other political happenings hogging the spotlight in the White House and on Capitol Hill lately, we need every one of you to Amply Your Voice.  That’s why, for this Take Action Tuesday, we’re asking you to share just a little of your downtime with CARE Action. 

Here’s what you can do if you have: 

2 Minutes: Watch and share this video from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.  No joke - for 214 million women around the world, it really is this hard to get contraceptives. 

5 minutes:  Sign our petition to Congress to support women’s health and empowerment and continue funding for UNFPA, the UN Foundation for Women and other critical organizations and programs that address basic healthcare access and help lift women out of poverty. 

1 Hour:  Get busy on phase 2 of our Amplify Your Voice training program, all about social media and digital tools, by joining our call on Wednesday,  July 19th at 12PM EST.  This is a special CARE Action Network opportunity and we’re hoping for a big turnout. RSVP here.  

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