Take Action During the Inauguration - Our Walk in Her Shoes Campaign

Take Action During the Inauguration - Our Walk in Her Shoes Campaign


Walk in Her Shoes is a call to action, encouraging all of us to think critically about gender equality and our work to continue the gains we have made. The 2016 election has come to an end and our country will witness the inauguration of our 45th president. While the election and the outcome left many surprised, some feeling heard and others deeply shaken, our core values of diversity, compassion and commitment to creating a better world are needed now more than ever.

In the lead up to the inauguration and after it, we will need to ask questions: where do we go from here? Are we destined to be governed by the politics of fear? Do we give in to the despair we feel at the divisiveness and anger? How do we each take action individually? Are there ideas and possibilities that can unite us?
Advocates in this community have a powerful and compelling answer to these questions: we can and must continue our work toward a world of social justice and the end of global poverty. That's an enormously ambitious goal. And it is more needed than ever.

So we invite everyone to join us from where you are to engage in the conversations. Washington DC/New York will be our hub (like our incoming President) and CARE Action will be our platform. We will kick off with an event on January 10 in DC with Girl Up, UNFPA and other partners. We will promote days of service globally on January 16, which is Martin Luther King Day. We will punctuate the week with a virtual town hall on January 18 with Michelle Nunn, CARE’s CEO. The women’s march is scheduled for 10am on the 21st, and CARE will host a warming stop/social with a lactation station at the Holiday Inn at 550 C St SW, Washington, DC 20024 in the Congressional II room from 8:30-2:30. Finally CARE’s Scale by Design Challenge, invites everyone to think innovatively about our world’s toughest development challenges at a first-of-its-kind accelerator on January 26th.

We will host other small, targeted gatherings/talks on advancing women’s and girl’s empowerment both with and through partners between January 10-26th.  Join us. Our goal is to open up space for dialogue and highlight critical work already happening, connect and discuss key social justice issues and implications of the new administration and what people can do to take action.

- Sarah Lynch

Senior Director, Global Policy Initiatives

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