Syrian women speak: Samia’s story

Syrian women speak: Samia’s story


Samia, 37, an English teacher from Aleppo, now living in Amman, Jordan, where she is studying computer and laptop repair through a CARE-sponsored program

I teach English and Arabic as a foreign language as a tutor. I was searching for new training opportunities, new work opportunities. I am a single mother, with three children.  

I am divorced now – we divorced in 2011, before the crisis.

There was stability in life before, but now we are separated as a family. I feel lonely, with no mother or brothers here. I don’t have any stability in my life any more.

I studied English literature in Aleppo, then started to work there. When I married, I moved to Hama, where my husband is from, and I stopped working. I continued to work from home, though, as a private teacher.

My husband was a lawyer, but he was not in favor of women working. He did not like me to work.

In Jordan, at the beginning, it was very difficult for me. I did not have any communication with others. Only in the second year, I found some opportunity for jobs,  and now I am managing our basic needs -- thank God.

I have started working as a private tutor. I printed advertisements and distributed them in schools.

We were affected by the cut in the food vouchers, but we were not excluded. Only in 2015, at the beginning of the year, we did not receive them for two months.

I learned about the computer repair training through CARE. They called me. It was okay, I needed to know how to deal with my laptop. It’s good that I know how to repair my own laptop now. The difficulty in the training is that people have different levels of computer knowledge. Some people start from zero, and the teacher explains for all different levels.

The training could be more useful if they offered an advanced class, or different levels.

But the training will still be useful, especially in summer, when I do not have children to teach. My son left school last year. He is working now.

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