Social Supper for International Day of the Girl

Social Supper for International Day of the Girl


By Kristen Pratt, CARE Advocate | CA-30

I know I’m not alone in often feeling helpless and overwhelmed by all of the bad news and negativity we seem to be facing these days. When my friend Angela suggested we host a “social supper” to celebrate International Day of the Girl, I thought it would be a great opportunity to shine a light on the positive work that CARE is doing around the globe. Bringing a group of friends together to celebrate girls and women around the world by not only acknowledging the challenges they face, but also their accomplishments, sounded like just what the doctor ordered.

I knew I could make more of an impact if I was able to engage my Member of Congress, so I decided I would invite John Brodtke from Congressman Brad Sherman’s office. Thankfully, John happily agreed to come and discuss the important work the Congressman does to support women and girls.

About 20 amazing ladies attended and we discussed the challenges women and girls face around the globe and some of the ways CARE is working with them in their communities. I was also able to share some of the stories and photos from my recent CARE learning tour to Guatemala with the group. The most moving moment of the evening was when one of the women in attendance, a Syrian refugee, shared some of her experiences and the challenges she faces in the current political climate. At the end of the evening, I surprised and honored to be presented with a “Certificate of Special Congressional Recognition” for community service from Congressman’s office.

I’m so grateful that my involvement with CARE has provided me with an education about the challenges women and girls face around the globe. What I have learned has allowed me an opportunity to use my voice - a voice I know that I am just purely lucky to have.

Kristen Pratt

CAN Advocate | CA-30

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