Sign the petition, do your part and keep foreign affairs off the chopping block.

Sign the petition, do your part and keep foreign affairs off the chopping block.


By: Liz Marcey, Senior Policy Advocate, CARE USA

In a matter of days, the Trump Administration could propose a plan to slash funding for lifesaving U.S. foreign assistance. This funding is only one percent of the entire federal budget, but it saves millions of lives and helps create a safer, more prosperous and equitable world.

America has always been a global leader when it comes to providing humanitarian assistance, not only because it reflects our values, but also because it makes sense. Slashing these programs won't balance the budget or pay for significant new domestic spending. Instead, it will have a disastrous impact on the lives of millions of women, girls and families worldwide, including millions of refugees and other vulnerable communities counting on these programs for access to food, clean water and education. Help us make sure that doesn’t happen. 

Sign our petition and tell Congress to take the foreign assistance budget off the chopping block.

Will signing a petition make any difference?  Yes! President Trump’s proposed budget does not have to become law, but right now only Congress and you have the power to protect these lifesaving programs.  Every signature, every voice, every email matters. We need you to do your part!

Sign our petition and tell Congress today to fully fund the foreign assistance budget because that’s what makes America a leader.

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