Reigniting #BetterThanTheBan

Reigniting #BetterThanTheBan


It may be Take Action Tuesday but it feels like Throwback Thursday because we’re reigniting our #BetterThanTheBan campaign.

The Supreme Court has announced they will temporarily grant the Trump Administration's request to reinstate the most harmful elements of the travel ban that blocks people from six countries (Iran, Yemen, Sudan, Syria, Libya and Somalia) from entering the United States.  The ban goes into effect within 72 hours of the announcement and restricts access to those who don’t have verified formal, close family, education or business relationships established in the U.S. The Supreme Court will hear the case in October, which means that at least until then, the fate of thousands of desperate, hungry people who were seeking refuge on American soil, will be put on hold.

Take another look at that list of countries and compare them to the parts of the world where CARE provides emergency humanitarian assistance. We’re implementing programs to save lives and provide sustainable, economic solutions in many of these deeply impoverished countries. Syria has been among our deepest concerns for six years as increasing conflicts continue to drive millions out of their homes and into refugee situations.  Yemen and Somalia are two of four countries currently on the brink of famine. 

Yemen is where our friend and colleague, Bushra Aldukhainah, works as regional manager for CARE Yemen. Yemen is populated by heroes like Bushra. Take a listen to her story here and if you agree that this ban does not reflect American values, then re-join us to tell the world, “We stand for all refugees and we’re #BetterThanTheBan.”  Here’s what you can do today if you have:

 2 minutes:  Like and Share our graphic on Facebook and show the world what you stand for.

 5 minutes:  Sign our petition and urge Congress to speak out in support of refugees. Then tag your Member of Congress on Facebook, letting them know that you're joining CARE Action in standing with refugees. 

 45 minutes:  Listen to our most recent podcast episode where CARE Action advocates answer the question:  Why do you CARE(about foreign assistance).  Then, share it on Facebook and invite your friends to subscribe to the podcast and join our conversation. 

 Any of these simple, speedy actions, when taken as individuals and collectively as a global network of dedicated citizens, have the power to change minds, influence decisions, save lives and alter the fates of people who are counting us. America is  #BetterThanTheBan and no matter what – we stand up for those who need us.  

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