Podcast: Tell Us a Story

Podcast: Tell Us a Story



On every podcast we’ve done, no matter whether we’ve talked about the budget, UNFPA, chocolate or Yemen; after we’ve mentioned the stats and data, job titles and bill numbers, the meatiest parts of the podcast come down to the stories our guests share. That’s where the heart is and they’re the reason why most of us connect with CARE’s work and the issues we advocate for. On this week’s podcast, Simon Duncan-Watt, CARE’s Master Storyteller and Maria Rohani, CARE’s Social Movements Advisor, share why stories are among our most essential advocacy tools and how to tell great ones.

Learning how to tell CARE’s story, while weaving in our own and the stories of those we help, is a craft our advocates develop over time. Some come to it naturally, but many of us depend on CARE’s training resources because we’ve learned that effective advocacy demands that we go beyond policies and politics and tell each other the true story about what’s happening in the world, the people changing it, and the people who need help. Ultimately, advocacy means telling the story of what we want the world to become.

That’s what this week’s episode is all about so pour yourself a cup of something, settle in and join us for our “all about storytelling” podcast. Make sure you hang on to the end because Nicole Ellis, CARE’s Policy Communications Manager has a really great story to share. Then, share the podcast on social media and help us spread CARE’s story and mission further.

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