Podcast: Rep. Dwight Evans on Food Insecurity & International Day of the Girl

Podcast: Rep. Dwight Evans on Food Insecurity & International Day of the Girl



Jeanne interviews Congressman Dwight Evans (D-PA) about his recent trip to Jordan, the challenges girls face in emergency and refugee settings, food insecurity in crisis situations, and the value that foreign assistance provides the world.  

We’re launching this week’s podcast a day early because it’s International Day of the Girl and we want to talk about a subject too many adolescent girls around the world understand all too well – food insecurity. At a time in their life when they should be eating well and developing rapidly, millions of adolescent girls in crisis situations, refugee settings and conflict zones are hungry every, single day. Their gender and age determine when, what and if they eat. Right now, we’re facing famine conditions in four countries and the worst refugee crisis we’ve ever known. That’s a lot of chronically hungry, undernourished girls whose health will forever be impacted and whose lives might never reach its full potential.

This year, for International Day of the Girl we're focusing on the challenges girls face before, during, and after crises and the opportunities we know set them and their families up for self-reliance and economic opportunity. Part of CARE’s 360-degree approach to humanitarian assistance is making sure girls have fair, equal access to nutritious food. We integrate nutrition education and support into our programming because we know that girls who are have equal access and enjoy better health are more productive and better able to contribute to their communities

In this podcast episode, we sat down with Congressman Dwight Evans, (D-PA) to find out what he means when he says, “food policy is foreign policy” and what that means for girls in refugee settings. Congressman Evans recently travelled to Jordan on a Learning Tour with CARE to see how US investments in foreign assistance are utilized. When he visited a CARE-sponsored economic empowerment program for girls and women in refugee settings, it triggered such strong memories of his own mother’s and grandmother’s economic struggle and resilience that he came home from Jordan a champion for CARE

Give this episode a listen and share it on social media. Then, call your Members of Congress and ask them to help girls and women around the world by fully funding foreign assistance in FY18 budget negotiations. Not sure who your elected officials are? Find your Representative here and your Senators here. You can reach all three by calling the Capitol Switchboard at (202) 224-3121.  Tell them there’s too much at stake in the world right now and there’s no room for food insecurity in the lives of our world’s 1.1 billion girls.  


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