Podcast: Keeping the Faith with Jo Saxton

Podcast: Keeping the Faith with Jo Saxton



Our new podcast episode is out and this week, we’re talking with pastor, author, speaker, podcaster and passionate CARE supporter, Jo Saxton about her learning tour to Haiti with CARE and how faith-based organizations and advocacy can impact long-lasting change for women and the world.

At times like these, everybody can use an extra dose of inspiration to keep our eyes focused on our goals.  With distractions bombarding us on all sides and disasters competing for resources and attention, we at CARE and CARE Action! are relying on our core missions as individuals and as an organization to remind ourselves what the heck we’re all trying to do here

CARE’s mission to eradicate poverty and promote social justice is motivating in and of itself, but it helps that we count some very inspiring people among our best supporters. Jo Saxton is one of them and, like CARE, her mission is all about serving women.  She’s funny, wise, insightful and practical as she puts her mission and personal leadership to work in real life.  

Jo is also one of our favorite travel buddies and she joined us here on the CARE Action podcast for a nice, long chat about her learning tour to Haiti with CARE Action, her definition of “mission, how faith-based organizations provide structure for service and why women’s empowerment is essential for significant, sustainable change in the world.   

No matter whether you’re already part of a faith-based community… or not, Jo’s down-to-earth take on faith, religion, service, advocacy and CARE makes for a fun, fascinating conversationGive a listen to this week’s episode, share it with your friends and help support CARE and CARE Action’s mission.  

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