Podcast: Food Insecurity, Sudan & CARE

Podcast: Food Insecurity, Sudan & CARE


Our latest podcast episode is live, and this week, we’re taking another deep dive into food assistance – partly because the subject is critical and complicated, and there’s a lot to discuss, and partly because, without food, nothing else CARE does matters.

The world is facing unprecedented levels of food insecurity, where 815 million people currently face extreme and chronic hunger.  Millions have already starved to death and millions more are desperate for help, including 30 million people at risk of famine in South Sudan, Somalia, Nigeria and Yemen. . 

In this week’s episode, Jessica Moses, CARE USA’s humanitarian policy advocate, sets the stage and talks about what’s causing these food crises, what’s at stake and CARE’s approach to providing humanitarian food assistance.  Then, we sit down with Rishanna Haniffa, assistant country director of programs for CARE Sudan to talk about her work, her life and how CARE is addressing the complicated factors that leave Sudan unable to feed its own people.

With so many lives at stake and so many dedicated people working to save them, we can’t think of anything more important to talk about right now than food. Give a listen, share with friends and join us as we tell Congress that food comes first.


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