This week’s podcast: Climate Change, Gender, and Hunger… and the Budget

This week’s podcast: Climate Change, Gender, and Hunger… and the Budget



CARE works to eradicate global poverty by using a 360-degree approach that takes into account what real life is like for normal people all over the world.  In this week’s podcast, we’re talking about two of the “real life” issues CARE is facing that are powerful enough to impact every single person on the planet – the United States Federal Budget and climate change. 

In episode #23, entitled “Climate Change, Gender, and Hunger,” Tonya Rawe, CARE’s global policy lead on food and nutrition security, talks about the most uncontrollable and destructive factors that people in developing countries are facing today – climate change and natural disasters that wipe out communities, crops and food sources.  Tonya says that while storms and droughts have always had a big impact on a country’s resilience and ability to support itself, the climate-related changes we’re currently facing are like nothing we’ve seen before and they’re happening on top of the poverty, hunger and inequality CARE is already trying to eradicate.  

Rachael Leman, CARE Action’s executive director, also joins the discussion to explain how the current Budget negotiations could impact CARE’s work and what listeners can do to make sure Congress protects full funding for foreign assistance. CARE’s ability to provide humanitarian and development assistance before, during and after climate-related disasters depends in large part on U.S. funding for foreign assistance. Right now, Congress is putting its final marks on the FY2018 Budget.

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