Now is the Time to Unite - A Message from Michelle Nunn

Now is the Time to Unite - A Message from Michelle Nunn


It is a time of leadership change in America. It is also a time to reflect on a divisive campaign season and post-election atmosphere in our country and around the world. CARE has always been a place where people of different backgrounds, affiliations and worldviews can channel their common humanity to lift up those facing the challenges of poverty and injustice. That is more true today than ever.

Regardless of how you voted in the election, it is important to reflect on the centrality of CARE's work and that we continue to be grounded by CARE's mission and the reality that millions of people are suffering every day from war, conflict and poverty. Our CARE team stands with the most vulnerable today and every day.

Our shared mission – to fight for social justice and overcome poverty – is a clarion call that lifts us up and challenges us to rise above the fray and stay focused.

Americans are best when we work together toward audacious and important goals. They unite us and remind us of our most fundamental values and history. This moment in time calls forth CARE's strengths – our history as a symbol of American generosity; our strong credibility and effectiveness in working across lines of partisan difference; our deep experience and proven history in defeating poverty; a focus on the fundamental rights and equality of women and girls; and a reservoir of amazingly committed people.

I look forward to standing shoulder to shoulder with all of you to fight for CARE's values and to do so in a way that brings our nation – and the world – together.

In gratitude and in solidarity,

Michelle Nunn
President and CEO, CARE

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