New Podcast with Meredith Walker, co-founder of Amy Pohler’s Smart Girls

New Podcast with Meredith Walker, co-founder of Amy Pohler’s Smart Girls


One of the best perks of working at CARE is the people we get to meet, travel and work with. People like Meredith Walker, Executive Director of Amy Pohler’s Smart Girls. Meredith traveled with us on a Learning Tour to Haiti to witness the impact of maternal health programs in the lives of girls and women. Over the course of our visit, we met with dozens of women and girls whose lives have been transformed through simple but powerful inventions like access to family planning and participation in one of CARE’s Village Savings and Loan programs. We also got to spend time talking about the parallels between what CARE and Smart Girls are doing. I was excited to continue that conversation on the CARE Action podcast.

Meredith co-founded Smart Girls with actor and comedian Amy Pohler, to encourage pre-teen and teenage girls to be their most authentic, goofiest selves. We think their tagline, “Change the world by being yourself!” is a message every girl should take to heart. Over time, their organization has grown into what Meredith describes as a “huge digital tree-house meeting place…an international community of belonging. It’s not just for girls now either, it’s for people who resonate with what we’re about.”

CARE proudly counts itself among those who resonate with Smart Girls, partly because we know that investing in girls and releasing their potential on the world is the best way to break cycles of poverty, abuse and gender inequities. We’re also big Smart Girls fans though because CARE Action is really just a big group of truly authentic, dedicated, and occasionally goofy individuals who believe just as passionately as Smart Girls does that everyone has a critical impact to make in the world, just by being ourselves.

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Rachael Leman

Executive Director

CARE Action

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