My One Cent: Malcolm Quigley

My One Cent: Malcolm Quigley


Malcolm Quigley is Senior Communications Manager at Population Services International (PSI), a global health NGO that works in sexual and reproductive health. We met Malcolm at the CARE National Conference and asked for his One Cent.  Here’s Malcolm’s story:

Both my parents were entrepreneurs and our family has always valued community service. I went down a different road and worked in the private sector in Europe. I questioned myself a lot when it came to the end of the day, wondering what I had really achieved or done for somebody else. When the company I worked with went spectacularly bankrupt, I decided to go back to college. I realized I didn’t really want to be in the private sector anymore. After I finished my MBA, I volunteered in Bosnia Herzegovina and worked with Serbian refugees to help them return to their homes. It was incredibly fulfilling.  I did it for over two years and loved every minute. I decided that was the career choice for me going forward, to dig deeper into the international development sector.

PSI is headquartered in Washington, D.C. and we’ve been around for 40 years. We’re in 60 countries worldwide, across South America, Central America, Africa and Asia. We work a lot in the area of sexual and reproductive health with a market-based approach. We motivate behavior change by creating demand for our products and services. That means, for example, putting across the idea that you should practice safe sex; that it’s good for your health and your community.  We franchise clinics and small health facilities and provide products through those outlets.

I work for a unit within PSI called Maverick Collective, which is a really new and innovative approach to philanthropy.  We work with high net worth individuals who want to get involved in the work. Our Programs help individuals use their skills and experiences to work toward solving global poverty challenges. Maverick Collective addresses at big, systematic, cultural, and programmatic challenges by bringing people, partners, and resources to the table to work out solutions.

CARE wants to create their own Maverick Collective-inspired model for engaged philanthropy so we’re working together to share our knowledge, ideas, skills, and experience. We think the Sustainable Development Goals are so audacious and big that if we don’t come together, start sharing our knowledge and pull more people into the funding realm, then we’re not going to meet those targets.  That’s why we’re inspired to work with CARE because suddenly, we have a new partner; different people and perspectives and new ideas and ways of doing things is hugely beneficial to both our organizations.

I really enjoy tackling problems and finding solutions to bring to the table. It doesn’t really matter what the issue is. It’s how you go about it. I’ve found that it’s mostly to do with people and not money.  Money’s important, but money alone won’t do it.  Advocacy is really about people: their capacity and understanding about how to organize, how to motivate and pull people into a movement.

When people use their skills, their experience and their value and apply it to the objective – that’s what I enjoy.

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