In Minnesota, elections don't stop the fight against global poverty

In Minnesota, elections don't stop the fight against global poverty


I’m sure you have read numerous reactions to this year’s presidential election. One of the most inspiring to me has been that of Michelle Nunn, CEO of CARE USA. She spoke of fear and despair regarding the fate of our nation and whether it has the capacity to enact meaningful change. The truth is: It does, it has, and it will. Through continued bipartisan legislative efforts like those of CARE that target the systems that make people poor, we can influence substantive change in the lives of countless women, girls, children, and farmers across the globe.

As CARE advocates we will continue our commitment to a more just and equitable world, one liberated of violence, hunger, and the inaction that perpetuates poverty. In the last congressional session, we spoke to our congressional representatives, called their offices, and held public events to pass the Global Food Security Act (GFSA). This enormous bipartisan effort will support smallholding farmers, particularly women, as they garner income and feed their families. In addition, it also won’t add a dime to the budget! In Minnesota, we successfully lobbied each and every one of our congressional members to vote in favor of the GFSA. Looking ahead, we currently have six, bipartisan congressional sponsors for the REACH Every Mother and Child Act, a bill that will cement existing funding for and re-prioritize the eradication of preventable infant and maternal deaths. Like the GFSA, the REACH Act adds nothing to the deficit. With 200 sponsors on the current bill, success with the rest of the Minnesota delegation and Congress lies just around the corner so long as we continue to fight.

Believe it or not, bipartisan issues still exist. We all can unite to combat global poverty because global poverty affects us all. That is why we remain so committed at CARE and in Minnesota to our legislative agenda no matter the outcomes of elections. In the coming months we will reach out to members of the 115th Congress to begin new relationships and develop old ones; we will continue to host dialogues on global poverty issues and solutions; and we will continue to organize community leaders, sign petitions, and speak out on the perpetuation of poverty. Our activism will rise to the challenge of a changing Washington, and, on behalf of our team and the millions of women and girls we support, I encourage you to join us.

Noah Nieting, Minnesota advocate

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