Meeting in CA-39

Meeting in CA-39


As CARE advocates for California’s 39th Congressional District, Shaheen Mooman, Tina Hanson (my wife), Jonathan Young  (CARE West Regional Advocacy Coordinator) and I met with our local congressman, Congressman Ed Royce (Chairman of the House Committee on Foreign Affairs) in his Brea, California office.  We were greeted by his ever friendly staff, whom it has been a pleasure to get acquainted with over the past several years, and escorted into Representative Royce’s office.

After simple re-introductions Congressman Royce started off with discussions about general affairs of the world.  Sitting down with the congressman and having a “chat” felt like we could have been in any of our living rooms just discussing the world and common goals.  I had to keep reminding myself that the gentleman across from me was not only my congressman, but a major figure in the world today in fighting to end world hunger and addressing international issues, including the Syrian refugee crisis.  Our meeting with the congressman felt like a visit with a friend and world traveler in which our 30 minute appointment lasted an hour and could have easily lasted longer.

Congressman Royce has been a great friend to CARE and has helped in the last several years to have important legislation passed to help end world hunger.  Congressman Royce was one of the co-authors who introduced and successfully championed the Global Food Security Act (GFSA).  This landmark act was 15 years in the making and provides food security for 800 million people.  He also co-authored (along with Congressman Engel of New York) the Farm Bill Amendment, Reform Food Aid and Feed More People to name a few.. 

CARE Advocates meet with Rep. Royce in CA-39

One of our main goals in meeting with the Congressman was to thank him for championing the recently passed GFSA and our appreciation for all he is doing to end world hunger.

After discussing world issues and our appreciation for all that he has done, the subject of the Reach Every Mother and Child Act came up.  We had gone into the meeting hoping to just ask for support in the next congress in getting the legislation passed the house and into the new President’s hands for signing.  We are happy to announce that the Congressman stated optimism in the chance that the bill might actually make it to the house floor this year once Congress reconvenes after the election and that he would work on his end to make this happen.  We can’t report that it will happen for sure but the optimism and hope for having this important legislation being voted on this congressional session leaves hope for success.

CARE Advocate presents Rep. Royce with a mosaic made up images of local children and their art workWe finished our meeting with presenting him a present from CARE USA’s California’s 39th Congressional advocacy group, which was a mosaic made up images of the local children and their art work that was created from last year’s event (Be Part of the Bigger Picture) with Congressman Royce.  He and his staff seemed deeply moved by the gift and stated it would be hung at the entrance of this DC office.  His reaction just further shows the connection he has with his work on foreign affairs, his local community and CARE.  We finished with making arrangements for our fourth annual event, were Congressman Royce is the keynote speaker, in the spring of 2017.  We look forward to working with Congressman Royce in the upcoming year by working to ending world hunger and addressing the international issues facing the world today and tomorrow.

Kevin Hanson, CA-39

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