Making an Impact from California's 37th District

Making an Impact from California's 37th District


As a CARE Advocate in the 37th District in Los Angeles, over the past two years I’ve had the opportunity to visit Representative Karen Bass’s offices in both LA and DC to discuss issues affecting those who live in extreme poverty. There’s a knowledge, helpfulness and warmth that exudes from everyone there—which I can’t help but think comes from the top. From Janice Bashford, Legislative Director/Chief Counsel in the DC office, who accepted my spontaneous hug; to Jacqueline Hamilton, Field Representative in LA, who ardently discussed the legislative priorities on our agenda; to Maral Karaccusian, District Director whom we met with in August, whose insight into and expertise of the issues led to an enlightening and engaging conversation. All were as considerate as they were inspiring.


The purpose for our most recent visit was simple yet significant—to thank Representative Bass and her staff for all their support on addressing the issues that are most important to alleviating global poverty and empowering women and girls around the world. Representative Bass’s co-sponsorship of the Reach Every Mother and Child Act will help save the lives of 15 million children and 60,000 mothers around the world over the next four years by improving and scaling up proven, high-impact interventions, including access to voluntary family planning. As a co-sponsor of the recently-passed Global Food Security Act, Congressmember Bass has helped to reaffirm the United States’ commitment to ending global hunger, poverty and child malnutrition by empowering women and smallholder farmers. And as a past supporter of Food Aid Reform, Ms. Bass has been a champion of legislation that will result in millions more being fed each year at no extra cost to taxpayers. We’re hopeful that we will continue to have her support in important legislation such as this.


What’s evident in all our meetings is that the staffers in Representative Bass’s office have a definite understanding of the issues and a passion for serving both the local and global communities. We at CARE want everyone to know how supportive Congressmember Bass and her staff are of the issues, and we thank them for the impact they have made in helping to eliminate the roots of poverty worldwide. Their effort and dedication is both necessary and motivating to those for whom it touches. 

Sandy Mayer, CA-37

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