Made by Women

Made by Women


Dignified Work for Female Garment Workers in Asia

Do you know how your clothes were made? Where they were made? Who made them? Odds are, your clothes were made by women in factories and homes across Asia. Learn more about CARE’s work to economically empower 8 million women garment workers through dignified work by 2021

Know these stats:

  • 40 million people work in the garment, textile and footwear industry in Asia
  • 75% of garment workers globally are women
  • The industry in Asia has an export value of $601 billion, representing 60% of the value of garment, textile and footwear exports globally
  • Garment workers only receive 1-3% of the retail price of clothing. That means, if a T-shirt costs $11, only 33 cents goes to workers
  • 1 in 3 female garment workers in Cambodia experienced sexual harassment in the past 12 months
  • Women in Vietnam who experience domestic violence earn 35% less due to productivity loss


Sonya’s Story

Watch this video of a Day in the Life of Sonya, a garment factory worker in Bangladesh


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Learn more about CARE’s Dignified Work programs.


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Join the global campaign to urge the ILO to end violence and harassment in the workplace – lead by the International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC). 

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