Listen: Why We March – Activists on The Line’s Newest Podcast Episode

Listen: Why We March – Activists on The Line’s Newest Podcast Episode


These days, record-breaking crowds are gathering, marching, protesting and cheering for issues that demand both immediate action and long-term solutions, from women’s rights to gun control and climate change. Mass demonstrations have always been critically important tools for civil and human rights movements and right now, they’re a big part of what it means to be an engaged citizen. The fact that we’re seeing such big crowds and so many demonstrations around the world got us wondering:

  • What is it like to lead a march?
  • How do you organize one quickly in the face of rapidly changing current events? 
  • What does it take to create that kind of social movement? 
  • Why do people march and what do they expect will happen as a result?

For our newest episode of Activists on the Line, we sat down with activists from two march-leading organizations to get some answers. Breanne Butler is one of the co-founders of the Women’s March and Sara Shor is a campaign manager with, which helps hold leaders accountable and coordinates climate change demonstrations all over the world.

Download the episode, listen with friends and find out why marches are having such a big moment. Then, share this episode on social media, help spread the word and grow our network of engaged citizen advocates.  


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