Listen: Why the Global Food Security Act Matters

Listen: Why the Global Food Security Act Matters


On our newest episode of the CARE Action podcast, we’re talking about everyone’s favorite subject – food.  The Global Food Security Act (GFSA), which passed back in July 2016, made a lot of crucial improvements to the way the United States addresses global hunger, including codifying Feed the Future – a U.S. government initiative to combat hunger and poverty worldwide that started under George W. Bush and grew under Barack Obama.

Feed the Future combats global food insecurity by investing in agriculture development and building resilience in developing countries so they can eventually feed themselves without government subsidies. It has increased food and nutrition security for millions of people through improved agriculture production, market access, business development, private sector competitiveness, and nutrition interventions and it’s been wildly successful. To date, Feed the Future has lifted 1.7 million households out of poverty, ended child stunting for 1.8 million children, and helped smallholder farmers raise more than $2.5 billion in new income.

However, GFSA must be reauthorized before September 30, 2018 and a new bill has recently been introduced in the House and Senate. That’s what we’re talking about on this week’s episode with Emily Janoch, ‎Deputy Director of Research Innovation Evaluation and Learning for ‎CARE and Mary Olive, CARE’s Food, Nutrition and Security Lobbyist. 

Food security will also be a big topic at next month’s CARE National Conference (May 21st – 23rd) in Washington, D.C. and this episode lays out the basics of what GFSA is and how Feed the Future works. Emily and Mary also give us a basic civics refresher on what it means to codify, the difference between an initiative, an act and a bill, and how all that applies to CARE’s programs on-the-ground in developing countries.

Give this episode a listen, then use it to inform your conversations with advocates and Members of Congress about how we’ll feed a hungry world in the years to come. Don’t forget to share it on social media and bring your friends into the conversation. 

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