Listen: Engaging Men and Boys In The Fight For Gender Equality

Listen: Engaging Men and Boys In The Fight For Gender Equality


When Besnik Leka, coordinator of CARE’s Young Men’s Initiative in the Balkans, was in D.C. for the Gender360 Summit, we grabbed him for a quick podcast conversation about how he leads men and boys to create global change. On this week’s episode of the CARE Action podcast, Leka talks about engaging men and boys by targeting them when they’re young and addressing gender-based violence and equality as part of vocational training. Only then can CARE achieve justice and equality for women, girls, men and boys.

Besnik knows that CARE can’t empower women in developing countries with educational and economic opportunities unless men help break down the barriers and structures that keep everyone trapped in poverty — particularly women and girls.  Among the biggest barriers women face are long-held social and gender norms, including land right restrictions, brutal work conditions, early marriage, lack of access to inheritance, education and healthcare, and sexual violence and harassment. These norms and traditions won’t dissipate until men and boys recognize how their social behaviors and gender norms impede economic progress for everyone. That’s what this week’s episode is all about.

Give it a listen, then share it on social media and start conversations about the positive impacts we’ll see in the world when women are economically empowered and able to contribute their full worth without fear of violence. That’s how CARE is leading men, boys and global change. 

Read more about the Young Men’s Initiative and Besnik Leka’s work in our blog, How Young Men Can Change Gender Norms and Support Women and Girls.

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