Listen: The Conference, the Midterms and Amplify

Listen: The Conference, the Midterms and Amplify


Last week, we attended the CARE National Conference in Washington, D.C. where we heard from global leaders and networked with hundreds of CARE advocates, partners, and staff members. More than 800 people came from all corners of the world to learn about CARE’s mission and its programs to empower women and girls globally and secure U.S. foreign assistance policies that make a safer, more stable world for all.

The CARE National Conference is an annual highlight for those of us who attend, but this year seemed particularly pertinent. With midterm elections upon us, at a time when 1.2 billion people live in poverty worldwide, it was so important to gather a diverse, bipartisan tribe of advocates who are critical to CARE’s success. We sat down with a few of those advocates to find out why they care about women and girls and U.S. investments abroad, and how they advocate year-round.

We also caught a moment with CARE’s President and CEO, Michelle Nunn, to hear her thoughts on Sally Yates’ plenary address; then grabbed Rachael Leman, CARE Action’s Executive Director, to find out what advocates and listeners can do to bring the conference back home during Amplify. Give this episode a listen and find out what advocating is like for Dawn, Matt and Kiran. Then, share it on social media and help us grow our audience.  

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