It’s World Humanitarian Day and this pod’s for you!

It’s World Humanitarian Day and this pod’s for you!



This week’s podcast is dedicated to all of CARE’s staff, advocates, supporters, partners and donors.  You are humanitarians and in honor of World Humanitarian Day on August 19th, we’re dedicating this episode to you. 

Listen as we talk with Jessica Moses and Holly FrewCARE’s humanitarian advocacy and communications experts, about what we mean when we say “humanitarian.”  

Jessica’s work places her on Capitol Hill where she has hard conversations about why humanitarian assistance is more critical now than ever.  Holly has just flown back from eight weeks in Uganda, Nairobi and Somalia where drought, famine and conflict are rampant and deadly.  No doubt about it, Jessica and Holly are card-carrying humanitarians, but if you’re reading this post and listening to our podcast, you’re a humanitarian too.  This pod’s for you. 

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