How to Call Your Member of Congress with CARE Action

How to Call Your Member of Congress with CARE Action


CARE Action advocates have shown time and again that when we use our collective voice, we can create tangible change for a better world. For decades, CARE has multiplied our impact around the globe with advocacy efforts that bring attention to global poverty issues and empower those in greatest need, like women and girls. U.S. policy reform is at the heart of CARE Action’s work to foster strong, resilient communities and respond to ever-growing humanitarian needs.

Placing a call to your member of Congress is one of the most effective ways you can take action and ensure that your elected officials hear your voice in support of women and girls globally. In fact, Congressional staffers say that calling a member of Congress can have a bigger impact than sending an email. And all it takes is two minutes of your time.

Here’s what to do:

  • Call the Capitol Switchboard at 202-224-3121 to be connected to any office on Capitol Hill. Simply ask for your member’s office from the dispatcher. You can find your member of Congress here.
  • Once you’re connected, state what bill or issue you are calling about. Prepare about 1-2 minutes of talking points to share with the staffer. Familiarize yourself with CARE Action’s issues here.
  • Leave your name and contact information at the end of the call and ask for a response back from the office.
  • Thank the staffer for their time before ending your call.

Watch our video for a demonstration on how to call your Member of Congress:

When you go to make a call, keep these helpful tips in mind:

  • Your representative will not be the one answering your call. Rather, a staffer who talks to constituents frequently will pick up your call.
  • Keep talking points or a short script in front of you to ensure you remain on message and communicate effectively. See below for a script template on the foreign assistance budget.
  • Remember to be courteous and appreciative of the staffer’s time and thank them for taking your message at the end of the call.

To help guide your conversation, read our example script below on why your member of Congress should support the foreign assistance budget:

Hi, this is [Name] and I’m a constituent living in [City, State]. I’m calling today to ask the Senator to protect life-saving foreign assistance funding from cuts. Foreign assistance represents roughly 1 percent of the federal budget. For less than a penny on the dollar, we’re saving lives, combating poverty and protecting our national security. I hope that the Senator adds his/her voice in support.  Can you pass along the message?

Thanks to the voices of thousands of advocates, our work delivers lasting solutions by promoting policy reforms that ensure current and future generations will benefit from the changes made today. Share with CARE Action on Facebook and Twitter that you’ve exercised your right to advocate for a cause worth fighting for and enlist your friends to join you. Together, we can urge Congress to prioritize women and girls around the world and lift communities out of poverty.

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