Has the election inspired you to take action? Here's what you can do if you have 30 seconds to 60 minutes to give today!

Has the election inspired you to take action? Here's what you can do if you have 30 seconds to 60 minutes to give today!


It’s been several weeks since Election Day. A lot of Americans are ready to take action. This election has had an impact not only on Americans, but also on people all over the world. Everybody’s asking, “What’s next?” 

While we don’t yet know exactly what lies ahead, there are things that we do know.  The United States has always been a leader in emergency and humanitarian assistance.  Time and again Americans demonstrate their eagerness to donate, volunteer and help people in need in countries they may never visit. Some Americans are worried about what lies ahead for U.S. leadership and some are hopeful, determined and motivated to make sure our core values are represented. That’s what we we’re grateful for - that more Americans than ever are coming to understand that “We the People” is a powerful force when we activate our collective voices.

 As we seek to shape the debate on critical investments for the next four years we need as many voices as possible at the table. We want you to join us now! We know, it’s the holidays and you’ve got things to do, but advocating for CARE doesn’t take long. You have time right this minute. Seriously!  Right now!  

 Here’s what you can do to advocate for CARE in:

  • 30 seconds – Like and share CARE Action on Facebook and Twitter. Some people call that “one click advocacy.”  We call it online organizing, raising awareness and forming connections that can make change happen.

  • 3 minutes – Sign and share our petition, “Dear President-elect Trump” to take a stand for refugees – particularly women and girls – during this critical time in our history.

  • 30 minutes – Submit a Letter-to-the-Editor (LTE) to your local news source to help raise awareness and gather more advocates around CARE’s work and mission. Below is a sample letter template that is ready to personalize, sign and send. 

  • 60 minutes – Download and listen to Jeanne Faulkner’s post-election discussion with David Ray, VP of Policy and Advocacy at CARE USA and Rachael Leman, Executive Director of CARE Action.  Jeanne featured David and Rachael on the Nov 19th episode of her Common Sense Pregnancy & Parenting podcast (episode #54: Making Your Post-Election Stress Matter).  Download it here: http://apple.co/2eZfTr3


Ready, set, advocate… Join the CARE Action! Network and start advocating for girls and women in the world’s poorest countries now.  We’re committed, effective and more determined than ever to make change happen.  Join us!

Ellen Carmichael

Deputy Director, Citizen Advocacy


Sample Letter-to-the-Editor


Dear Editor,

The headlines make it clear; no matter which side of the election we came out on, people are desperate to make a difference in the way our government leads going forward. The best way to make sure your values and opinions are represented is through direct advocacy and citizen engagement – now!


Americans want to have more influence on political processes, but many don’t know how. I volunteer with CARE Action, the global humanitarian organization that’s eradicating poverty through the lives of girls and women, because _____________________________________________________________.


CARE Action provides bi-partisan, in depth and easy-to-understand advocacy training and national and local opportunities to learn about and lobby on issues like humanitarian assistance for refugees and natural disasters, gender-based violence, eradicating maternal mortality and improving global food and nutrition security. These issues impact American lives and our national security and demand that we raise our voices and do our civic duty.


CARE Action’s advocates are all over the U.S. Our influence on legislation to reduce poverty and improve human rights is significant and effective. Now more than ever, citizens must mobilize, organize, apply political pressure and let our representatives know what matters. Learn how at CAREAction.org.







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