Government and the Employee Campaign

Government and the Employee Campaign


Government at its best works to serve and protect its people and the environment.  That holds true with the Riverside County Employee Campaign in which county employees from all departments are encouraged to give back to any 501(c) charity through bi-weekly (pre-taxed) payroll deductions.  As the second biggest county in California, that means even small incremental donations can add up to a significant amount ($718,000 contributed by county employees last year).  In addition to donations, the employee campaign talks about the other options people have in being charitable, including advocacy work.  Along those lines, a few of the 39th Congressional District CARE advocates within the department (Riverside County Flood Control District) have/are hosting an informational table on October 11th and 25th to encourage employees to sign the petition addressed to the future President in honor of International Day of the Girl.  Additionally, on October 20th, we will be speaking at the Employee Campaign presentations to a total of approximately 240 fellow coworkers to introduce them to CARE as an organization and our advocacy work.  As a reference, our department was given two awards last year (largest per capita contribution and largest percent participating for a medium sized department) with a total of $42,000 raised last year.  With such a large amount of charitable people, we hope it translates well for advocacy.  Wish us luck.

Tina Hanson, CA-39

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