Finding Strength in Difficult Times

Finding Strength in Difficult Times


Violence in Syria forced 17-year-old Marah and her family to leave. Here she discusses her experience fleeing and resettling in Jordan and the impact of CARE's peer-to-peer support groups throughout that process.

“It was difficult to see anything in the future, because I hadn’t completed my studies, although my parents have made me return to school recently, after being absent for many years. I feel like I’ll stay now. For my future it’s necessary.

“Early marriage is a challenge that Syrian girls are facing. But at such a young age, this is too much responsibility for a girl. Girls who marry young lose their education, they lose their personality. They must stay at home all day, take care of the home, clean, clothe, and feed everyone – but they’re still girls.

“I want to remind girls to be strong despite their challenges. I want to be successful, but I must work to be successful. We must work hard to pass through the emotionally difficult times – times when I am afraid, like when I’m confronted by a new country, new experiences, or even by war. We can’t allow the fear to paralyze us.

“We must accept the now in order to create the future. This life Is a lot like a school – it’s here that we learn.”

Intense fighting in Syria has forcibly displaced more people today than any other country. Every day, thousands of Syrians flee violence to seek out food, protection, medical care and other urgently needed aid. There are 13.5 million people inside Syria displaced or in desperate need of humanitarian aid. At least half of the displaced are children. The majority of the nearly 5 million refugees are struggling to meet the most basic needs, having left everything behind. Additionally, the executive order banning Syrian refugees from entering the U.S. puts the lives of those fleeing conflict and persecution at immediate risk. 

CARE is reaching people impacted by the conflict with humanitarian assistance in Jordan, Egypt, Lebanon, Yemen and inside Syria, providing life-saving emergency assistance as well as solutions to help people cope with the longer term crisis.

Photo credit: Mary Kate MacIsaac/CARE

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