The Election is over. Now What?

The Election is over. Now What?


The 2016 election has come to an end, and while the campaign and the outcome left many surprised, some feeling heard and others deeply shaken, our core values of diversity, compassion and commitment to creating a better world are needed now more than ever.

The question is, where do we go from here? Are we destined to be governed by the politics of fear? Do we give in to the despair we feel at the divisiveness and anger? Do we fall back into inaction? Or are there ideas and possibilities that can unite us?

As CARE Action advocates, we have a powerful and compelling answer to these questions: we can and must continue our work toward a world of social justice and the end of global poverty. That's an enormously ambitious goal. And it is more needed than ever.

Let's not forget that even amid the divisiveness of this election year, we helped to secure the tools for millions of woman farmers around the globe to feed their families through the passage of the Global Food Security Act. We achieved a historic level of support for ending preventable maternal and child deaths by surpassing 200 cosponsors for the REACH Act. We locked in key commitments on ending child marriage through the first-ever presidential strategy on adolescent girls. Our work together is achieving meaningful and real results.

Fundamental questions were raised during the election about our policies and position in the world that remain to be answered as we go forward. Our work together must not only continue, but it must rise to new thresholds to help forge answers, together, to these questions.

We will continue our fight for the 225 million women worldwide without access to family planning; for the 9 million hungry people we could reach each year through food aid reform; for the more than 65 million people who are displaced globally by crisis and conflict. In all of our work, we will continue to focus on women and girls, because we know they suffer the most from poverty, and yet have the most to offer for the solutions.

This is our mission, and it has the power to unite our country. It is a mission that represents the best of America and our shared values. Our friends, families, colleagues and neighbors are looking for more hopeful possibilities and the antidote to the 2016 election. As CARE Action advocates, we have an opportunity to be a part of a movement to end global poverty. To turn passion into action, and action into solutions. American greatness has always been manifest when the country came together to pursue goals of historic import. This is our opportunity.

Now we must come unite, renew our commitment and redouble our efforts to fight for the world we all seek.

As we prepare for the new Administration and Congress ahead, we need to hear from you. Please take a moment to help us shape our priorities: which of these agenda items that we will be working on next year are you most passionate about?

Thank you for your leadership and your vision for a better world. I look forward to standing shoulder to shoulder with all of you to fight for the values that have characterized CARE's 70-year history and to do so in a way that brings the country together in aspiration and hope.


Michelle Nunn 

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