Do you have 5 minutes? Take Action now

Do you have 5 minutes? Take Action now


Our hearts go out to the people of Syria who are living under siege amid violence and chaos that just continues to get worse.  CARE is keeping their emergency and humanitarian needs in sharp focus while simultaneously addressing the needs of 65 million people worldwide who are displaced from their homes, as well as those living in four areas at risk of famine – Yemen, Nigeria, South Sudan and Somalia – where drought and war have put more than 20 million lives at risk.  With an on-the-ground presence in 94 countries, and more than 1,000 humanitarian and poverty-eradicating programs, CARE stands ready to meet these enormous global needs and be ready for the next big disaster, whether it comes via earthquake, conflict or epidemic.  We’re ready, but frankly…we could use a little more support.

The President's proposed extreme budget cuts for FY18 for international humanitarian and development assistance, as well as immediate funding cuts to UNFPA, threaten CARE’s ability to meet these needs.  They threaten the international community’s ability to improve water access and sanitation facilities to avert diseases like cholera that can wipe out entire communities; or maternal health care for women living in refugee settings; or emergency food and nutrition services for those struggling to eat even once a day. They threaten the ability of millions of girls to attend school, avoid forced marriage at an early age, train for an occupation and financially independent.  They threaten decades of phenomenal progress in poverty eradication that has helped slash extreme global poverty by half.

Meeting the humanitarian needs of desperate people is our moral imperative, and is among the smartest investments we can make in our own country’s economy, stability and ability to lead.  Regardless of the challenges we face with the current political climate, CARE Action! is committed to doing our part to make sure that progress moves forward, American values are represented and funding is available to implement a full spectrum of effective programs and services to eradicate poverty in smart, sustainable ways. 

This is where you come in.  We need our advocates to keep staying the course with us.  We need you to pull out your best advocacy efforts and make sure we keep the national dialogue tightly focused right where it should be – on America’s ability to alleviate extreme suffering, address the greatest humanitarian crises of our time and ultimately eradicate poverty.  Seriously, we can do that…it’s within our grasp.  Here’s what you can do to help make that happen: 

  • 2 minutes: Watch our video about why foreign assistance is #WorthThePenny and share with your friends on Facebook.
  • 30 minutes:  Study up at our new Advocate U – our online university with all the resources you need to advocate confidently for CARE and the women and girls who depend on us. Then, share the Advocate U link on social media and invite friends to study it with you.  
  • 1 hour:  Download the latest CARE Action podcast about Advocacy on Campus, subscribe to receive every episode and share it with your network.  Spread the word and help keep the conversation going.

If you’re not already registered for the CARE National Conference, May 22-24 in Washington DC, let’s take care of that right now, shall we? We need you - your voice, your passion and your representation!  Join us for three of the most powerful days of your life.

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