Day of the Girl community outreach as a new CARE Action Advocate

Day of the Girl community outreach as a new CARE Action Advocate


Being a new CARE advocate, I was curious about what advocacy would look like for me. When I came across ‘International Day of the Girl’, it was clearly the most natural start. I have two young daughters of my own, and they are just beginning to formulate their worldviews and discover what it means to be a girl in society today. I want them to realize that there are girls in this world who are forbidden to go to school, there are girls who are forced to get married when they are only children, there are girls who are enslaved only because they are valued less in society, and there are girls whose lives are decided for them according to the expectations of their culture and community. I want my daughters to not only understand these things, but to be empowered to support and advance rights and opportunities for girls all over the world.  

‘International Day of the Girl’ highlights and brings awareness to all of these issues. With this, I teamed up with two of my fellow Southwest Washington Care advocates, Brenda Rose and Kimber Webb, to organize Vancouver Washington’s first ‘International Day of the Girl’ event on October 11th, 2016. Mini Mozart’s Preschool graciously offered up their incredible space as our venue. We had over 50 guests join us, about half of whom were children. It was an open-house style event where guests could come and go as they wished. It was wonderful to see so many different members from our community - men and women, boys and girls - all showing up to support our girls!

We aimed to make it an event that was appealing to both children and adults. A variety of delicious snacks were provided by Kimber for attendees to enjoy. Brenda organized an outstanding rock painting station, as part of a local and popular community-building treasure hunt project called “Vancouver Rocks". Children were able to decorate rocks with a ‘Day of the Girl’ logo and would later hide them throughout the community for other kids to discover. A playlist of video clips from the powerful documentaries ‘Girl Rising’ and ‘Kakenya’s Dream’ were projected on the wall in a loop during the event for our guests to watch. CARE and Plan International generously provided a plethora of informational leaflets, pens, stickers, lanyards, bracelets and magnets that we were able to hand out to all of our guests. We’re hoping that these little tokens taken home will remind them of the plight of so many girls around the world and their inspiring stories.

It was a wonderful evening filled with hope and encouragement. We are grateful to all that attended, and took time out of their busy schedules to show their care and support. ‘Day of the Girl’ was a perfect first step for me in advocacy; I was proud and humbled to be a part of it.

Emily Whitton, Washington CARE Action! Advocate


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