Congressman Yoder Cosponsors H.R. 3706 - REACH Act

Congressman Yoder Cosponsors H.R. 3706 - REACH Act


A few days ago CARE Kansas got an email from Heidi Cashman - District Representative for Congressman Kevin Yoder - announcing that he is now a cosponsor of H.R. 3706, the Reach Every Mother and Child Act. With the addition of Congressman Yoder, it puts the legislation at 189 cosponsors. Understanding that healthy mothers are the foundation to creating healthy societies, the REACH Act will enable women, mothers and children to reach their full potential, which will lead to a stronger and more resilient community. In addition, it will improve current programs without any extra costs, ensure effective coordination efforts, and increase accountability for how aid money is used through the use of tracked results. Aid workers will be able to receive all the necessary materials needed to end preventable maternal and child death, and that could lead to saving the lives of 15 million children and 600,000 women by 2020, with the intent of ending preventable maternal and child deaths entirely by 2035. Thank you to all those that worked with CARE Kansas, as well as partner organizations, in advocating for the REACH Act!  Earlier this year, Kansas Senators Pat Roberts and Jerry Moran, as well as Kansas Representatives Lynn Jenkins and Mike Pompeo, also joined the list of cosponsors. Now with Congressman Yoder’s support, we take yet another step forward towards increasing access to basic human rights and equality for all.

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