Chocolate, Foreign Assistance and Mars

Chocolate, Foreign Assistance and Mars



Our last podcast episode, “Keeping the Faith” with pastor Jo Saxton provided some much-needed inspiration for the important advocacy we all had ahead of us. But, with so many tragedies striking so many countries at once, we thought we’d bolster that inspiration with something sweeter, creamier and available at your corner store – chocolate!

Brad Figel, Vice President of Public Affairs at Mars Incorporated joined the CARE Action! podcast to talk about why foreign assistance is critical for chocolate and candy production around the world and why Mars Wrigley Confectionery U.S. partners with CARE to eradicate poverty and impact global change from the cocoa farm to the candy dish.

Frankly, we don’t think this episode could come at a better time. Over these past weeks, we’ve watched an earthquake and hurricanes devastate thousands of already-fragile lives and communities (including many already receiving CARE support). Everywhere we look, we see people who are stepping forward to help neighbors; understanding on a deeper level that everyone needs and deserves help to survive and recover in emergency situations.

Historically, when disasters occur in developing countries, help has come from United States leadership, expertise and funding for emergency humanitarian and development assistance. With Congress debating how foreign assistance will be funded for fiscal year 2018, however, the future of humanitarian assistance, even in the face of increasing natural disasters and emergencies, is up in the air. After listening to this episode, you might agree when we say that, we think Congress could use some chocolate.

Grab some candy, pop in your ear-buds and download our most recent podcast episode – Chocolate, Foreign Assistance and Mars! Then, call your Representative and let them know that foreign assistance funding and chocolate are important to you. Not sure who your elected officials are? Find your Representative here and your Senators here. You can reach all three by calling the Capitol Switchboard at (202) 224-3121. 

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