The CARE Action Podcast – What’s at Stake for Global Women’s Health?

The CARE Action Podcast – What’s at Stake for Global Women’s Health?


What is the single most important health intervention in saving women's lives in the developing world? Is it clean water? Medication? Vaccines? In fact, it's something more fundamental: family planning. Ensuring women have the ability to time and space their pregnancies – to choose if, when and how often they become pregnant – is the single most effective way to save the lives of women and children around the world. This need is particularly acute in humanitarian crises, and with conflicts and emergencies proliferating, the need has never been greater. And yet, critical funding for this simple but incredibly powerful tool is under threat.

In this week's podcast, we're talking to Seema Jalan, Executive Director of the Universal Access Project and Policy at the United Nations Foundation, Sarah Craven, Director of the Washington Office for United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), and Rachel Moynihan, Advocacy and Communications Specialist at UNFPA. Ben Weingrod, CARE’s Senior Policy Advocate, also joined us and we all sat down for a chat about gender equality, gender-based violence and all things family planning. We talked about the role it plays in economic development and global stability, and the leadership the US must provide to make sure all women have access to the basic healthcare that keeps them, their babies and families safe.

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