Budget Podcast Binge Bundle

Budget Podcast Binge Bundle


There’s no better time to get a powerful education than right now, thanks to the power of podcasting.  Take them anywhere, listen anytime, share them with friends and use them to inform the conversations we all should be having about the world we live in today. 

We’re producing the CARE Action podcast to bring our listeners in on the conversations we’re having around foreign assistance, the Federal Budget and the work CARE does to eradicate poverty in developing countries.  Right now, final details on foreign assistance funding for FY2018 are being hammered out on Capitol Hill and the future of American leadership, humanitarian assistance and global security is at stake.  We can’t think of a better reason to binge on podcasts than that, can you? 

Download our Budget Podcast Binge Bundle and share these hand-picked episodes with everyone you know.  Blast them to your carpool buddies, email them to your coworkers and post them on social media and spread the word: The Budget’s at Stake! 

NPR’s Planet Money podcast

For a fast, fun breakdown of how every penny of the US Federal Budget is spent, check out NPR’s Planet Money podcast episode 782 – Budget Time.  Hosts Stacey Vanek Smith and Jacob Goldstein explain every dollar the federal government spent last year — nearly $4 trillion — in 10 minutes and they divide the segment up exactly the way the government divides the budget.  The more money a program gets, the more time it gets on the pod.  Listen carefully for the segment on foreign assistance funding.  It’s not much, it goes fast and we can’t afford to miss it.

Pod Save the World

For a deep dive and insider information on foreign assistance and global affairs, give a listen to Pod Save the World where co-host Tommy Vietor takes us behind the scenes into White House Situation Room meetings and secret negotiations through a series of conversations with people who were there.  We particularly like the episode titled: A civil, bipartisan foreign policy discussion (aka clickbait)

The CARE Action podcast

For CARE-specific information about foreign assistance, the budget and how it impacts your life and our work, check out these episodes of the CARE Action Podcast:

Chocolate, Foreign Assistance and Mars! Brad Figel, Vice President of Public Affairs at Mars Incorporated talks about why foreign assistance is critical for chocolate and candy production around the world and why Mars Wrigley Confectioners decided to partner with CARE and help eradicate global poverty.

What's Going On With The Budget?

Long-time foreign assistance and federal budget expert, Larry Nowels, talks about where foreign assistance funding stands now, what's at stake for Americans and where we're headed for fiscal year 2018.

Why This Budget Is Bad For National Security

CARE’s Michelle Nunn and David Ray talk with Michelle Flournoy, who served as Under Secretary of Defense for Policy about why humanitarian assistance is critical for global security.


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