Arizona CARE Advocate joins USGLC Event with Rep. Schweikert

Arizona CARE Advocate joins USGLC Event with Rep. Schweikert


By Anissa Rasheta

The United States Global Leadership Coalition (USGLC) works to strengthen America's civilian led tools-- development and diplomacy-- alongside our defense. Like CARE, they advocate for a strong International Affairs Budget, to make America’s international affairs programs a keystone of U.S. foreign policy. In their coalition they have members from the non-profit and humanitarian sectors. As a CARE advocate, I was invited to USGLC's breakfast event in Arizona with Congressman David Schweikert on March 28, 2018. Also attending and sharing their expertise was Lieutenant General John F. Regni. It was clear in the conversation was that the Congressman supports U.S. global engagement, and foreign aid is a key component. He mentioned to me he was aware of the great work CARE is doing and complimented this work.

Rep. Schweikert told a relevant story of how he recently bought a table from Thailand from a tiny village he saw years before because they now had access to technology (phones) to sell their trade. He feels the U.S. foreign affairs budget will build infrastructures and systems connecting the world we can trade with. Schweikert said, "It is important we lead on this. It's happening with or without us" when speaking on trade relations and supporting global stability, then commented that "we should stop thinking of a closed economy". What was made clear from the Lt. General and the Congressman is that using aid and diplomacy is a pillar for ensuring a stable and thriving future for us all.

Isn't it great to see multiple organizations with common goals working together as advocates for foreign assistance programs that alleviate extreme poverty? I hope our voices are heard clearly through the halls of Congress that we support bipartisan policy-reforms that are results-driven, accountable, and effective. This is not the time to pull back, but to lead. We can represent CARE's mission by reaching our representatives in mulptiple ways, i.e. attending events, writing emails, signing petitions, or going to the National CARE Conference in May. Invite friends that volunteer for groups like USGLC, ONE, RESULTS, etc, because I find we all work well together. 

photo cred: Mike Spinell

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