Announcing our new CARE Action Podcast!

Announcing our new CARE Action Podcast!


I’m excited to announce our brand new CARE Action podcast, which launched in December.   For our pilot episode, Michelle Nunn, David Ray and I sat down with podcast host, Jeanne Faulkner, to talk about how CARE is approaching the transition to 2017 and continuing to stand in solidarity with women around the world. 

We know we have our work cut out for us as we prepare for the incoming Administration and Congress.  Many of the newest Members of Congress and Cabinet members are new to humanitarian aid and development issues.  Many are unfamiliar with the issues women and girls face around the world that keep them trapped in poverty and prevent from reaching their full potential. Our job, as advocates for women and girls who live in the world’s poorest communities, is to grow a national movement and influence government leaders so they make eradicating poverty and empowering women a priority. As David Ray explains in this episode, that’s the same work we did before the election, and it’s needed now more than ever.

I’m particularly eager to share this podcast because it provides CARE supporters a new, portable way of getting all the inside information.  You can stream it or download it and listen whenever you want.  You can share it with your friends, post it on Twitter and Facebook and use it as a conversation starter to introduce new members of your advocacy network to the work we do together. 

We’ll be rolling out new episodes starting in January and every pod will contain information you can’t get anywhere else. Download the pilot episode, subscribe to receive future episodes and help us keep this lifesaving, world-changing global conversation going.  

Rachael Leman

Executive Director

CARE Action 

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