UTAH Advocates Hit the Ground Running

UTAH Advocates Hit the Ground Running


With Easter recess right around the corner, it’s a fitting time for all us to sit back, take a deep breath, and think about all the awesome energy that has gone into CARE advocacy so far this session.

Here in Utah, we are excited about the momentum we’ve been able to create in just a few short months. Chelsea Robarge Fife and Michelle Christensen are our new Utah CARE Advocate Chairs and together they’re already creating some exciting strategic relationships with their community members and legislators.

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Last month, we hosted 3 local events here in Utah, in which we were able to share CARE’s vision with over 100 new advocates. From a private home, to the Brigham Young University campus, to a community Oasis event, local community members came out to learn more about CARE and how they can get involved. Additionally, we began the important work of building relationships with our Congressmen/women and Senators.

On Feb. 17th, we had the privilege of meeting with Congressman Chris Stewart and his District Director, Gary Webster. We were very well received by the Congressman and thanked him for his support of the Global Food Security Act. Congressman Stewart’s work on the Appropriations and State, Foreign Operations and Related Programs Committees, provide him a unique perspective on the importance of the type of work CARE is engaged in and we were thrilled to participate in a productive discussion about the various bills that help advance the goals of CARE. As a next step, we have been invited to co-sponsor a community CARE event alongside Congressman Stewart. We have already begun planning the May 11th event and will be sure to provide updates as it comes together.

Utah CARE advocates meet with Congresswoman Love's office


In addition to our meeting with Congressman Stewart, we met with Congresswoman Mia Love’s District Director, Laurel Price. We had a great conversation about CARE and thanked the Congresswoman for her favorable vote for the GFSA in 2016 and for co-sponsoring the Reach Act in April of 2016. In conjunction with our discussion about CARE we were able to extend a Learning Tour invitation to Congresswoman Love.

Finally, we spent some time with Senator Mike Lee’s Casework Director, Jessica Christopher. Ms. Christopher was an incredibly gracious host and had a lot of detail-oriented questions for us about CARE. It was a great opportunity to dig into the specifics of where CARE gets its funding, what laws vs. policies impact how CARE is most successful, and what issues we need to consider in the future as we aim to partner with Senators on both sides of the aisle. 

Moving forward, we are excited to continue building relationships with our local representatives, and we look forward to keeping them informed about important bills and issues in regards to CARE. We are also enthusiastic about educating our communities and creating opportunities that get them involved in such a meaningful cause. 

-Chelsea Robarge Fife & Michelle Christensen, CARE UT Chairs

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