71st session of the UN General Assembly has begun

71st session of the UN General Assembly has begun


United Nations General Assembly

The 71st session of the UN General Assembly has begun. For the duration of the session, we’re watching closely to see how world leaders plan to tackle the most pressing global problems. Here at CARE Action! we’re focusing on two themes of this year’s event: the refugee crisis and gender equality. We hope you’ll stay engaged over twitter and watch the webcast of events. By coming together as an informed global community, we will continue to make an impact in the lives of people everywhere.

Standing with refugees and migrants

We are facing the biggest refugee and migrant crisis the world has ever seen. Over 65 million people have been displaced, and many struggle to rebuild lives for their families. Recognizing that this requires global attention, the UN is focused on finding solutions. The UN’s High-Level Meeting on Refugees and Migrants on September 19th will focus on coordinating a humane approach to addressing the crisis. The Leader’s Summit on Refugees on September 20th will focus on encouraging countries to implement strong solutions.

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  • View the webcast at webtv.un.org
  • Follow along on twitter with #UN4RefugeesMigrants
  • Sign the petition and call on leaders to ensure safety and security for all my.care.org/lettersofhope

Advancing gender equality

 The effects of poverty and violence weigh heaviest on women and girls. However, we still lack the data to fully understand and address their struggles. The events will focus on the need for greater research, so that we may be effective in empowering women and girls globally. The session will also place a special focus on expanding economic opportunities for women, as part of the Sustainable Development Goals.

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  • Follow @Data2x and #GenderData on twitter for information on gender data
  • Follow @UN_Women for information women’s economic empowerment

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