5 Things To Do Before Election Day

5 Things To Do Before Election Day


Races for seats in the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives are ramping up, as are the global issues that demand our attention. Women and girls face abuse and prejudice, refugees search for a better life, and hungry families around the world seek relief. Here’s the good news: you can help CARE eliminate poverty, famine, and injustice in your lifetime. It starts with ensuring candidates and elected officials in the midterm elections know where you — their voters — stand on the world’s most pressing problems and what’s at stake when we fail to step up.

Before November 6, take these five steps to use your voice and your vote for a better world.

1. Learn the issues at stake

The world continues to witness some of the worst humanitarian crises in history, leaving nearly 136 million people in need of assistance and protection. At the same time, women and girls are disproportionally affected by poverty and restricted access to basic resources and rights. For these reasons, CARE advocates are helping us to reach the most impoverished people worldwide and provide them with the tools and training they need to lift themselves and their families out of poverty for good. Read about the issues at stake and how your vote in 2018 can impact women and girls and those living in poverty.

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2. Take the pledge

Committing to speak out and show up on Election Day is critical for holding us all accountable during the election cycle. Together, we can elevate the issues we care about most and elect champions for women and girls and for defeating global poverty. Signing the pledge also ensures you’re the first to know about what CARE is working on and how it affects the state of the midterm elections.

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3. Spread the word

There’s power in numbers, and that could not be truer than during elections. It starts with sharing your promise to vote on social media and influencing friends, family, and community members to follow in your footsteps. The more people who stand with us, the more effective we can be enacting real, lasting change around the world. Tell your followers you plan to vote in November and don’t forget to add why it’s important to you.

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4. Register to Vote

A common reason for not voting is the belief that voting will do little to influence change. Only about 40 percent of the eligible voting population votes during midterm elections compared to 60 percent in presidential election years, according to Fair Vote. But midterm elections are critical for deciding who represents us in Congress, and whether they will stand for women’s rights, violence against women, and global crises. Registering to vote takes just two minutes but can have long-lasting implications.

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5. Get involved locally

Members of Congress are elected to represent you, but they can only do their jobs effectively if they know what you care about. Meeting face-to-face with candidates or elected officials, attending a town hall meeting, or engaging the community on elections are critical for drumming up support at home for global poverty issues. Get started at CAREAction.org/Elections or contact your Regional Advocacy Coordinator.

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