Tell Your Story

Tell Your Story

Another key component to building a network of CARE Action! supporters is your ability to tell CARE’s story and the story of why you are a CARE Action! advocate. The statistics used to describe global poverty are startling but the best way to raise awareness, connect with people, and advance a movement is to make that story one that inspires and motivates people to get on board with CARE’s Action’s advocacy agenda.

Your story matters

The story you tell should be personal to you and should highlight how your advocacy work with CARE impacts your life and enables you to fight global poverty and make sustainable change happen. It’s your drive, passion, and what ignited the spark in you that will help you inspire others to join you. Finish your story off with a call to action for readers or listeners to join your advocacy group, attend your event or learn more about CARE and CARE Action!

Your Regional Advocacy Coordinator can help you gather any statistics or background information you might need for your story. Visit Our Campaigns and take advantage of Our Resources to keep up to date with the latest information from the CARE Action! Network.

This is Your journey to advocacy.

There are several ways to tell your story. With so many free services out there, Blogging is one of the easiest and most cost effective ways to get your story out there. Use your own words. Enhance those words with images or facts from our Resources page. Share your blog on Social Media and see them spread throughout the web.

A few tips for a successful blog:

  1. Know who you’re trying to talk to. Is your blog for everyone or is it targeted more for a specific group?

  2. Make sure your story stays at the heart of your blog as it continues to grow.

  3. Post regularly. If readers feel you’ve lost interest, they will too.

  4. Allow moderated comments to start a conversation. Just be aware you’ll need to keep an eye on these to prevent misuse.

  5. Promote your blog! Share it, talk about it, get it out there!

Thank you for your story, energy and overall advocacy; it’s individual who are willing to share what drives them that inspires more to join the CARE Action! Network.

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