Recruit And Retain New Volunteers

Recruit And Retain New Volunteers

Who to Engage in Your Community

Engaging the right advocates to form a diverse and strategic delegation helps you raise awareness and reach more people. It also creates greater opportunities for indirect and direct political influence with a member of Congress and their staff.

Ask who you already know who can speak effectively on behalf of people striving to overcome poverty? Reach out to people who represent a range of citizens in your district or state. These are your potential delegates - the people who will attend in-person meetings with you and your member of Congress or their staff, join you for events and activities and take CARE’s mission back to their own communities and networks. 

Your Regional Advocacy Chair can provide plenty of guidance and great examples of diverse, effective and strategic CARE advocacy delegations that are making change happen all over the United States.

How to Keep your Group Engaged

Once you build a delegation, you need to sustain it through active member engagement and opportunities to participate in CARE’s work, support CARE’s mission and continue influencing your member of Congress. That requires a cohesive action plan, strong leadership, a list of annual goals, and the ability to hold your delegates accountable.  

 Your action plan may include things like facilitating educational or awareness raising events, hosting small group discussions, or attending periodic meetings with your policymakers, advocacy teammates and potential delegates. These kinds of activities are designed to keep delegates engaged and up-to-date on CARE’s issues, develop their advocacy skills and deepen relationships with members of Congress and their staff. 

CARE’s advocacy schedule provides opportunities to keep your group engaged with activities like requests for email blasts, phone calls and petition signatures directed towards your MOC. Other opportunities come up throughout the calendar year like:

  • May - The National CARE Conference in DC and observance of International Women’s Day
  • June – August – #Amplify Your Voice, a call to action over the summer for CARE supporters to meet with their members of Congress in their state or district offices.
  • October - CARE’s National Day of Action and International Day of the Girl
  • December – Giving Tuesday to support donations to CARE
  • Ongoing – CARE provides discussion guides to help you organize a small event with your delegation and other community members to dialogue and take action on one of CARE’s priority issues
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