Host An Event

Host An Event

Thank you again for all you’re doing to help CARE deliver lasting change. We want to make hosting your event as easy as possible, from beginning to end. That’s why we’ve prepared this event guide, a to-do list that will take you every step of the way to an enjoyable, worry-free occasion. Let’s get started.


Before you get too far into planning, take a moment to review everything in your Event Toolkit.

Here’s a quick list of the available materials and tools:

  • Customizable invitations
  • PowerPoint presentation
  • Videos - Various examples of CARE in the field - CARE: 70 Years Delivering Lasting Change
  • CARE 101 brochures
  • CARE action cards
  • One-page summary of 2014 Annual Report
  • CARE Action Network factsheet and advocacy brochure
  • “Where We Work” map
  • Small CARE Package for display
  • CARE table cards for display


  • Choose a date for your event.
  • Pick your theme or the type of event you want to host.
  • Choose an event location and make sure to consider venue issues like parking, lighting, seating, etc.
  • Download and order your Event Toolkit materials. We are all about keeping things simple and eliminating waste, so the more you can download, the better off for all of us! However, some items must be mailed (but don’t feel obligated to order them!). You can request those using the Order Form on the Sign-up page (allow 2-4 weeks for shipped items to arrive at your mailing address).
  • (Optional) If you’re planning a fundraising event and want to track and thank guests for their donations, set up your personal and customizable CrowdRise page.
  • (Optional) If you are not creating a personal CrowdRise fundraising page, but still want your guests to have the option to donate, become familiar with the established #TeamCARE fundraising page.
  • Determine your need for a speaker – if you’d like to have one, complete and submit the form on the Request a Speaker page of the Event Toolkit. Requests must be submitted six weeks prior to the event date, and speaker availability is not guaranteed.
Send invitations and rev up your promotion machine!
  • Review the downloadable invitation instructions on the resources page.
  • Create your guest list and email invitations. Use the Toolkit’s downloadable invites and customize the specifics with your event information. You may send the completed invitations as attachments or as an insert within the body of your email.
  • Advertise your event using the Event Toolkit’s social media templates. Remember to include the hashtag #TeamCARE.
  • Spread the word by inserting flyers in church bulletins, posting notices in community newsletters, etc.
  • Track RSVP responses to your invitations – to help us thank your guests, it would be great if you’d track both names and email addresses.


It’s time to review the Event Toolkit Resources page and download the items you want to include in the event.

  • Choose videos for your presentation. You can download selections using the CARE videos link on the Resources page, or choose videos from the CARE DVD (if you requested it by mail).
  • Look over the PowerPoint presentation and become familiar with the content.
  • Secure all equipment and physical requirements you’ll need at the event, including tables and chairs, DVD player, projection screens, etc.
  • Determine your need for catering, floral, etc., and make initial outreach to appropriate vendors. • Consider reaching out to a photographer or designating a person to take pictures. Having photos of the event will be beneficial after the event for guest follow-up and social media posts.


Tie up any loose details, firm up the attendance count so you’ll have enough name tags, and make sure your speakers and presentation materials are lined up! • Assign tasks if you’re working with a group of people.

  • If you have multiple presenters and speakers, brief them on the topics and content that others will be covering.
  • Review the presentation and videos that you’ll be using.


  • Follow up with the invitation non-responders and send out reminders to your list of attendees.
  • Send out a final reminder to confirmed guests.
  • If possible, depending on size and type of event, create name tags for guests.
  • Confirm all logistics. e.g., catering numbers, tables and chairs, photographer, DVD equipment
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