Foreign Assistance Budget

Foreign Assistance Budget

CARE Action advocates are universally concerned about the proposed budget cuts that amount to an overall 31% decrease to foreign assistance. These cuts will greatly impact the State Department and the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), undermining American leadership in the world regarding our core diplomacy and development engagement. The depth and details as to how the proposed budget cuts will be applied to CARE’s core accounts is still unclear; however we do know that the proposed budget calls for:

  • the consolidation of the State Department and the Agency for International Development, the United States’ essential development and humanitarian agencies

  • substituting our focus on the greatest need and redistributing both humanitarian and development assistance to “countries of greatest strategic importance”

Budget cuts of this nature will have a very real, and potentially dangerous impact on millions of lives abroad and could lead to domestic backlash as well. For example,

  • the proposed cuts to Agricultural Development and Nutrition programs could result in approximately 5.58 million children losing access to nutrition interventions and treatments

  • if these cuts are applied to Emergency Title II food aid and the Emergency Food Security Program, 13 million people could be cut off from life-saving food aid

  • a 31% cut to Water and Sanitation programs, could result in approximately 1.24 million people not gaining access to safe and sustainable water sources, and/or sanitation services that prevent the spread of disease

“If you don’t fund the State Department fully, then I need to buy more ammunition.”

                                               - Secretary of Defense Gen. James Mattis

Though altruistic intentions inspire many of us to take action there are self serving reasons to support foreign aid as well. Historically, Republican and Democratic administrations have been in agreement that targeted foreign assistance programs are not only the morally right thing to do but also in the U.S. national interest. In countries such as Iraq, Nigeria, and Somalia we have seen measurable improvement. According to research performed by Mercy Corps, in Somalia alone, efforts have successfully reduced the likelihood of youth participating in political violence by 13% and supporting political violence by 20%. Taking away access to the programs that this budget supports may end up costing our nation more than money in the long run.

CARE Action advocates understand the value of our efforts and the power of a penny. That’s all it is, a single penny of each federal dollar which goes towards life saving foreign assistance; but that penny can mean the world - or a life.

Sign our petition to tell Congress to keep the foreign assistance budget as it is.

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