Creating Your Advocacy Podcast

Creating Your Advocacy Podcast

Podcasts have become a dynamic way to reach people. Though most are shorter in nature they are filled with relevant information that is both easy to understand and entertaining. The technology is open to everyone and your voice can get heard. CARE Action! Advocates can draw upon the research and resources we provide to enrich their offerings.

Creating a Podcast is a long term commitment but it can be a powerful way to reach people. CARE Action! advocates can get their voices heard all over the world by harnessing their commitment and technology. You’ll need a good microphone and a dependable way to record your audio, as well as the ability to edit your audio after it’s been recorded. Beyond the technical there are far deeper things you’ll need before you start: your voice and the passion for the issues that drives you. This is more than just the tone you want to take but where you want to focus your energies. This podcast should be driven by your passion to engage your listeners with the highest quality content you can produce.

Once you’re comfortable with what the theme of your Podcast will be and how you will record it, it’s time to move this process forward.

  1. Prepare your content.
    This can include scripting the beginning or end of your show, introductions to new topic, facts, and even media you wish to reference. You don’t need to write it all down but give yourself enough to make the process easier and more enjoyable.

  2. Record it!
    It’s time to get your voice into the game! Start recording, talk about the issues with both energy and information. Make this a well rounded piece with as much of yourself in it as you’re comfortable.

  3. Save your audio.
    Save the audio two ways just to be sure you have a backup when editing. Save the original WAV file as your backup and keep that original on hand. Also save what you’ve just recorded as a MP3 - this will be the version you edit.

  4. Edit your podcast.
    Was there a hiccup at the beginning or end you'd like to remove? Do you have intro music? Is there cover art you’d like associated with your podcast? Go for it! Be aware of copyright and creative licensing on the the music or artwork you select but otherwise polish your piece.

  5. Create your RSS podcast feed.
    If this sounds intimidating, don’t worry about it. There are services out there that can do this for you. Or you may just wish to hop on a blog, maybe the one you already have, and post it using that tool. Basically you just need to build the ‘container’ code that houses the podcast.

  6. Upload your podcast
    It’s time to post that RSS feed and make it available online. Go to and enter your RSS podcast feed into the field, click “I am a podcaster” and click “Next”. Just follow the steps Google has laid out and you’ll be online.
    Keep in mind, this process may take a few minutes.

At this point your podcast has been made and now other like-minded advocates can hear your point of view and follow your podcast. Make sure to publish regularly (by repeating steps 1-4 and adding it to your existing feed). Keep coming back to CARE Action’s Advocate U for more information on the subjects on which you wish to cover.

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