Build A Delegation

Build A Delegation

Many of you already have a small delegation of CARE supporters who are active in your community and many of you are just beginning to form your local or state network. Whether you’re brand new or a seasoned advocate, you’re gathering a community of like-minded individuals to fight global poverty and injustice on CARE’s behalf. We call that community a “delegation.”

An ideal delegation is diverse in age, gender, profession, political affiliation and geographic residence (within a given district or state). A good way to get started forming a delegation is to list the people in your community who your member of Congress (MoC) would consider a resource.  

These are community leaders who could help deliver your message with authority. For example, an employee of the largest company in the district or the members of a large church or a regular contributor to the local paper. Even better—the CEO of that company, the senior minister of the church or the publisher of the paper. Because you live in the district, your “local expertise” will enrich your delegation. Who are you reading about in the paper? Which billboards dominate the skyline? Who would speak best on behalf of people striving to overcome poverty?

Another possibility is approaching members of likeminded organizations with local chapters, such as Rotary Clubs, League of Women Voters, the World Affairs Council or American Association of University Women. You might consider holding meetings from time to time to discuss current issues or hear from a local expert on a global poverty-related issue. This is entirely up to you.

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